visualizing and sharing Automated Fiber Quantification results

This software generates a browser-based visualization of data processed with the Automated Fiber Quantification (AFQ) software. For example.

Tractography based on diffusion weighted MRI (dMRI) is used to find the major white matter fascicles (tracts) in the living human brain. The health of these tracts is an important factor underlying many cognitive and neurological disorders. AFQ is a sofware package focused on automated delineation of the major fiber tracts in individual human brains, and quantification of the tissue properties within the tracts (Yeatman et al. 2012).

This software package allows researchers to interactively query the data processed with AFQ (or other similar software) to explore patterns in the data.

AFQ-Browser paper

If you are interested in technical details and motivation behind this project, please read our paper.

A slide presentation about the project is available here.


this work was supported by a grant from the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, and from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to the University of Washington eScience Institute.