Getting help using pyAFQ#

If you run into any bugs or issues using pyAFQ, please contact us using one of the following communication channels:

  1. If you encounter a problem using the code, you can post an issue on our GitHub repository by going to this page and clicking on the “new issue” button. Please provide all pertinent information about the issue you are facing: we often need to know what version of the software you are running and how you installed it, as well as the operating system that you are using. If you run into issues with your data, we might ask you to share a small sample of your data with us, so that we can examine it. Please make sure that your study ethics procedure allows you to share this data before sending it on to us.

  2. If you would like to start a discussion about future developments or about the method, consider starting a discussion on this page.

  3. Questions regarding the method and its use can also be posted to the Neurostars Q&A forum.