Source code for AFQ.api.utils

import contextlib
from importlib import import_module
from AFQ.viz.utils import viz_import_msg_error
import pimms
from funcargparse import FuncArgParser
import logging
import warnings

from import set_sft_logger_level

with contextlib.suppress(Exception):  # only works on python 3.9
    from outdated import OutdatedPackageWarning
    warnings.filterwarnings("ignore", category=OutdatedPackageWarning)

__all__ = [
    "methods_descriptors", "kwargs_descriptors", "AFQclass_doc"]


task_modules = ["data", "mapping", "segmentation", "tractography", "viz"]

[docs]methods_descriptors = {}
methods_sections = {}
[docs]kwargs_descriptors = {}
for task_module in task_modules: kwargs_descriptors[task_module] = {} for calc_obj in import_module( f"AFQ.tasks.{task_module}").__dict__.values(): if isinstance(calc_obj, pimms.calculation.Calc): docstr_parser = FuncArgParser() docstr_parser.setup_args(calc_obj.function) if len(calc_obj.efferents) > 1: eff_descs = docstr_parser.description.split(",") if len(eff_descs) != len(calc_obj.efferents): raise NotImplementedError(( "If calc method has mutliple outputs, " "their descriptions must be divided by commas." f" {} has {len(eff_descs)} comma-divided" f"sections but {len(calc_obj.efferents)} outputs")) for ii in range(len(calc_obj.efferents)): if eff_descs[ii][0] in [' ', '\n']: eff_descs[ii] = eff_descs[ii][1:] if eff_descs[ii][:3] == "and": eff_descs[ii] = eff_descs[ii][3:] if eff_descs[ii][0] in [' ', '\n']: eff_descs[ii] = eff_descs[ii][1:] methods_descriptors[ calc_obj.efferents[ii]] =\ eff_descs[ii] methods_sections[calc_obj.efferents[ii]] =\ task_module else: methods_descriptors[ calc_obj.efferents[0]] =\ docstr_parser.description methods_sections[calc_obj.efferents[0]] =\ task_module for arg, info in docstr_parser.unfinished_arguments.items(): if "help" in info: default = info["default"] if "default" in info else None kwargs_descriptors[task_module][arg] = dict( desc=info["help"], kind=info["metavar"], default=default) if arg not in methods_sections: methods_sections[arg] = task_modules[-1] AFQclass_doc = ( "Here are the arguments you can pass to kwargs," " to customize the tractometry pipeline. They are organized" " into 5 sections.\n") for task_module in task_modules:
[docs] AFQclass_doc = AFQclass_doc + "\n"
AFQclass_doc = AFQclass_doc +\ "==========================================================\n" AFQclass_doc = AFQclass_doc + task_module.upper() + "\n" AFQclass_doc = AFQclass_doc +\ "==========================================================\n" for arg, info in kwargs_descriptors[task_module].items(): AFQclass_doc = AFQclass_doc + arg + ": " + info["kind"] AFQclass_doc = AFQclass_doc + "\n\t" AFQclass_doc = AFQclass_doc + info["desc"].replace( "\n", "\n\t") AFQclass_doc = AFQclass_doc + "\n\n" valid_exports_string = ( "Here is a list of valid attributes " f"to export: {methods_sections.keys()}") def check_attribute(attr_name): if attr_name == "help": print(valid_exports_string) return None if attr_name in methods_sections: if methods_sections[attr_name] == task_modules[-1]: return None else: return f"{methods_sections[attr_name]}_imap" raise ValueError( f"{attr_name} not found for export. {valid_exports_string}") def export_all_helper(api_afq_object, seg_algo, xforms, indiv, viz): if xforms: try: api_afq_object.export("b0_warped") except Exception as e: api_afq_object.logger.warning(( "Failed to export warped b0. This could be because your " "mapping type is only compatible with transformation " f"from template to subject space. The error is: {e}")) api_afq_object.export("template_xform") if indiv: api_afq_object.export("indiv_bundles") if seg_algo == "AFQ": api_afq_object.export("rois") api_afq_object.export("sl_counts") api_afq_object.export("profiles") if viz: try: api_afq_object.export("tract_profile_plots") except ImportError as e: plot_err_message = viz_import_msg_error("plot") if str(e) != plot_err_message: raise else: api_afq_object.logger.warning(plot_err_message) api_afq_object.export("all_bundles_figure") if seg_algo == "AFQ": api_afq_object.export("indiv_bundles_figures")