Integration of AFQ-Browser and Binder

To facilitate further computations on data-sets published using AFQ-Browser, we integrate data-sets that are published on GitHub (see Creating and publishing an AFQ-Browser instance) with the Binder service.

Binder makes the contents of a GitHub repository available through a Jupyter computational notebook interface. This means that visitors to a published AFQ-Browser instance can start computing on the data immediately without having to download the data, or install any software.


For further information about Binder, please read about recent developments in this project in this blog post.

Software available on Binder

The Binder environment automatically provisioned for AFQ-Browser instances has scikit-learn, pandas and seaborn installed into it.

To add more software dependencies, you will need to edit the requirements.txt file in the GitHub (for example, see this file), before launching Binder for the first time from your instance.