Installing AFQ-Browser

Installing the release version

The released version of the software is the one that is officially supported, and if you are getting started with AFQ-Browser, this is probably where you should get started

AFQ-browser depends on numpy, pandas and scipy. The publish mechanisms also requires PyGithub and GitPython.

These dependencies should all be installed automatically when the software is installed. To install it, in a shell or command line, issue the following:

pip install AFQ-Browser

One easy way to install these, is by installing the Anaconda Python distribution,

Installing the development version

The development version is probably less stable, but might include new features and fixes. There are two ways to install this version. The first uses pip:

pip install git+

The other requires that you clone the source code to your machine:

git clone

Then, change your working directory into the top-level directory of this repo and issue:

python install