Long-term data preservation

GitHub is great, but long-term preservation of data stored on GitHub is not guaranteed. To promote long-term preservation of data from instances of AFQ-Browser, and eventual integration across data-sets we record data published through AFQ-Browser (see Creating and publishing an AFQ-Browser instance) in AFQ Vault, a centralized data-base of AFQ-Browser instances.

In addition, we recommend that users of the software create a digital object identifier for their instance of AFQ-Browser. One great way to do that uses Zenodo (see below).

Using Zenodo for long-term data preservation

Zenodo is as service developed by CERN to provide a platform for open and sustainable science (see About Zenodo for more details).

To create a digital object identifier (DOI) for your GitHub-published instance of AFQ-Browser join Zenodo with your GitHub account. After you do that, you can deposit the GitHub repository that holds your instance of AFQ-Browser by following these steps:

  1. Flip the switch for your repo on Zenodo’s GitHub settings page

  2. Create a release in the GitHub repo containing your instance of AFQ-Browser. See this page for instructions.