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ROAR Glossary

Understanding ROAR terminology

We try to use the following terms consistently to reduce confusion when talking about the different components of a ROAR app.

  • Trial

    A single stimulus/response pair

  • Run

    A globally unique collection of successive trials that constitutes "running" through a ROAR assessment one time

  • Corpus

    A named and immutable collection of stimuli

  • Block

    A portion of a run whose stimuli are drawn from only one corpus ROAR assessments are usually broken up into blocks to give participants a bit of break.

  • Task

    A ROAR assessment (e.g., ROAR-SWR, ROAR-MEP, etc.)

  • Variant

    A variation of a ROAR assessment (e.g., adaptive vs. random)

  • Study

    A collection of runs associated with a research project