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Retrieving assessment data

How to query and retrieve experiment data

Once you have deployed your experiment, you will want to retrieve its data to assess it's performance in evaluating your participants' abilities. You can view assessment data one trial at a time by browsing the Firestore database in your web browser or you can bulk download trial information using the roarquery tool.

Browsing ROAR data online

You can browse your Firestore database's data online by navigating to the Cloud Firestore Data tab in your browser. From there, you can view, and query data. See this guide for more details on how to do that.

Retrieving ROAR data from the command line

The Firestore Data console is convenient for viewing a small number of database records at a time. But when you want to view or download many data records at a time, it is often easier to use a command line tool. For this reason, we created the roarquery command line tool. See the installation and authentication sections of the roarquery documentation to setup your roarquery tool. Then see the usage page to learn how to use roarquery to filter and retrieve a large number of ROAR trials.